Guide your-self
at our Dead Sea Diamonds Bike Tour


Before the tour

Make sure you have enough water. And don't forget closed shoes!

Make sure you smartphone battery is fully charged

you need a helmet! make sure it fits your head 🙂

Grab a phone holder

Grab a bike! make sure you like the color but most important that brakes and gears work well. That is the time!

Download the app

iphone- click here

Androied – here

Now that the app is installed, click here to download the route (as GPX file) and it will open with your new app.

Use the center (or GPS) icon to re-center your location, and don't forget to enable location on you device. 

Watch the route video on Youtube 

נגן וידאו

Pay special attention to the following points:

Cross Nahal Kidron on the asphalt, but stay to the left of the barrier, exactly as shown in the video.

Be cautious when descending after crossing the stream!

Drive slowly next to the white pipe as depicted in the video.

You can gently place the bicycles at the marked point in the video and descend carefully to the sea.

After reaching the sea, on the left (north) side of the lagoon, there is a small new stream with springs and a salt cave, while at the end of the lagoon on the south side, you can spot salt crystals in the mud. In this post, you can find more precise directions.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of litter in the lagoon, all coming from Jerusalem via Nahal Kidron, which is polluted. If you feel like it, take a garbage bag and collect it (you can leave it at the point where you left the bicycles, and we will pick it up).

יוצאים לדרך!

תחנה שלישית - חוף ים המלח

Where are the Salt Diamonds?

ליחצו וקבלו קישור למיקום המדוייק במפות גוגל exact location on Google maps.

שימו לב – הים יורד ולכן המיקום עשוי להשתנות. חפשו בשכבות הבוץ. 

תחנה רביעית - תצפית צפונית

תחנה חמישית (לא מופיע בסרטון ובמפה) - מספנה חשמונאית

נהניתם - ספרו לעולם, יש לכם בקשות לשיפור - פנו ישירות ונשפר בשמחה